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Apr 2016, Vol 4, Issue 2
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The New and Old Issue of “Tissue Morcellation”
Liselotte Mettler, Khulkar Abdusattarova

(IJWHR 2016; 4: 047-051)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2016.12
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Hormone Profile in Hypersexuality Women
Ahmed Al Awlaqi, Khalid Alkhayat, Guvan Akrawi, Nasser Al Awlaqi, Mohamed E Hammadeh

(IJWHR 2016; 4: 052-058)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2016.13
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Original Article
Socioeconomic Determinants of Exposure to Secondhand Smoke Among Pregnant Women
Ahmad Saeed Alghamdi, Hazem Faisal Jokhadar, Ibraheem Mohammed Alghamdi, Saleh Abdullah Alsohibani, Odai Jamaan Alqahtani, Hayfaa Abdelmageed Wahabi

(IJWHR 2016; 4: 059–063)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2016.14
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Whither Sex Ratios in a Low Mortality Setting
Anne Cherian, Anuradha Rose, Dulari Gupta, Shantidani Minz, Jasmin Prasad, Kuryan George

(IJWHR 2016; 4: 064-067)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2016.15
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Comparison of the Intraoperative Outcomes of Intrauterine Instillation of Epsilon-Aminocaproic Acid and Intravenous Oxytocin in Hysteroscopy Surgeries
Manizheh Sayyahmelli, Rogayeh Moosazade, Parvin Mostafa Gharabaghi, Fateme Nazari

(IJWHR 2016; 4: 068-072)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2016.16
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The Impact of Parity on the Number of Ovarian Cortical Inclusion Cysts
Leila Sadeghi, Ali Dastranj, Parvin Mostafavi Gharabaghi, Farzam Sheikhzadeh, Sharareh Zamanvand, Mehri Jafari-Shobeiri

(IJWHR 2016; 4: 073-076)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2016.17
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Pretreatment Effect of Alcoholic Olive Leaf Extract on Oxidative and Antioxidative Enzymes Status in Ovariectomized Rats
Mohammadreza Nasirzadeh, Arash Rasouli

(IJWHR 2016; 4: 077-080)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2016.18
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Case Report
Giant Cervical Condyloma During Pregnancy: A Case Report
Ruben Martínez-Cumplido, Eduardo Gonzalez-Bosquet

(IJWHR 2016; 4: 081-083)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2016.19
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Conservative Treatment of a Placenta Accreta Case: Partial Segmental Uterine Resection
Hicran Acar, Fatma Ferda Verit, Seyda Baydogan, Orkun Cetin, Mertihan Kurdoglu

(IJWHR 2016; 4: 084-085)
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2016.20
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Letters to Editor
Mirena in Two-Dimensional Ultrasound
Burcin Karamustafaoglu Balci, Ahmet Gocmen

(IJWHR 2016; 4: 086)
DOI: 10.152 96/ijwhr.2016.21
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