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Jul 2014, Vol 2, Issue 4
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Phytochemical and Anti-oxidant Activity of Lavandula Angustifolia Mill. Essential oil on Preoperative Anxiety in Patients undergoing Diagnostic Curettage
Foozieh Bakhsha1, Masoumeh Mazandarani2, Mohammad Aryaei1, Seid Yaghub Jafari1, Human Bayate3
1Golestan University of Medical Sciences, Golestan, Iran
2Department of Botany, Gorgan branch, Islamic Azad University, Gorgan, Iran
3Niak Pharmaceutical Company, Gorgan, Iran

IJWHR 2014; 2: 268–271
DOI: 10.15296/ijwhr.2014.42
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Keywords : Antioxidant Activity, Diagnostic Curettage, Lavandula Angustifolia Oil, Preoperative Anxiety
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Objective: The objective of present work was mainly to phytochemical, antioxidant properties and examine the effect of Lavandula angustifolia Mill. Essential oil on Preoperative Anxiety in Patients undergoing Diagnostic Curettage (Gorgan, Iran).

Materials and Methods: Essential oil of plant in blooming was obtained by hydro distillation method (clavenger) and analysed by (GC/MS). Antioxidant activity determined by 1,1-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) assay, anti anxiety effects were studied using Spielbergers state anxiety inventory questionery method and analyzed by using SPSS 18 statistical Software and t-test (0.05%).

Results: Carvacrol (26.2%), limonene (19.6%), 1,8-cineole (11.8%), terpinen-4-ol (7.6%), spathulenol (4.9%), α-pinene (4.2%), p-cymene (4.2%), caryophyllene oxide (2.7%), and terpinolene (2.6%) were the prominent components of essential oil and showed good antioxidant property via radical scavenging activity (DPPH) assay with IC50 values of 4.3±0.12% to compare with BHT standard (2.18±0.3%). Clinical results showed that among 100 patients with average anxiety scores for the case group and the control was recorded 53.37±9.8 and 49.19±12.96, respectively and the difference was not significant (P<0.08), but after intervention, this difference was found to be statistically significant (P<0.0001)with regard to the results 40.28±6.66 and 47.87±12.96 for cases and controls, respectively.

Conclusion: There is a positive relationship between essential oil components, its antioxidant activity in reducing anxiety in patients undergoing curettage (D & C), especially in the night before the surgery.

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